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Moldova - an Untapped Treasure in Europe

Moldova has welcomed travelers throughout history. Within Europe, Moldova is the country which has been least impacted by tourism. The absence of mass tourism has left a country where genuine hospitality to visitors still exists, where strangers are welcomed and friendships easy to form.

The tradition of hospitality to travelers grew up along Moldova’s ancient trading routes, which linked Europe to Asia. To welcome travelers Moldovans still build their wells beside roads so that anyone can stop and take refreshment. Traditional Moldovan homes are always built with a “Casa Mare” (Big Room) – where visitors are welcome to enjoy domestic wine and to share a meal.

You will discover that generosity and genuine friendliness towards visitors are part of everyday culture in Moldova.


As Moldova is such a little known destination for tourists, the high quality of Moldova’s wine and cuisine usually surprises our guests.

Wine experts have long regarded Moldova’s best wines. In recent years wine production has been enjoying a renaissance with a return to traditional wine making techniques and the renovation of our largest wineries.

With a largely rural economy we appreciate the value of fresh local produce. Moldovan cuisine is an original blend of many cultures. Many of our favorite dishes are elaborately prepared, others are simplicity itself, relying on the high quality and variety of locally sourced ingredients.

Many faster paced countries have forgotten that food is meant to be savored, with wine and with friends. In Moldova you will remember that a meal is an occasion to be shared.


There is so much for visitors to love in Moldova. The countryside is green and tranquil. The pace of life is peaceful and unhurried. Conviviality and hospitality are a way of life.

Moldovans have a love of tradition and our rich history, preserved today in ancient fortresses, exquisitely decorated churches and living monasteries.

Moldova’s folklore is widely celebrated in music and dance. Contemporary arts and contemporary music also attract a large and passionate following.

Jazz, classical concerts and musical events take place frequently … after all music makes a great excuse for gathering with friends, for wine, for food, and for love.

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